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Play Teen Patti 20 20 Table Games by JILI

One of India’s most well-known Jili card games is Teen Patti 20 20. Teen Patti has evolved from its Indian and South Asian roots, despite some resemblance to the English game of three-card brag (one of the precursors to poker). Teen Patti may be learned quickly, but it does require some talent to succeed. Teen Patti may be played online (however, there are notable variations between the online casinos and physical versions). 

teen patti 20 20


One deck of 52 cards is used for the game of JILI Teen Patti 20 20, and players compete against one another. The game officially begins when one of the players places a wager on either of the table’s betting locations, and that bet’s value is at least as much as the minimum amount designated for that table.

Teen Patti 20 20 Game Description

teen patti 20 20 game description

After each round, the cards are shuffled with a new deck of 52 (no jokers).

Each round, the dealer will give Player A and Player B three cards, and they will then compare their hands. The comparison decides the outcome of the game.

In this game, players can wager on several different options. And if your predicted outcome comes true in the game, you get paid.

Players can wager on anything at the table.

You will have to wait until the following round to be able to gamble again once the allotted time has expired.

Several people can play at once.

The game does not count if the outcome cannot be established because of a mistake.

Explaining the User Interface

teen patti 20-20 user interface

Cumulative monetary value

The sum of all bets placed in this round

Bets may be made with various chips thanks to the “switch chips” button.

Make a wager with the remaining chips from the previous round automatically.

Use the same number of chips as in the previous round to place a bet for one more round.

Remove all chips from play.

Different Kinds of Road Map

There are several different kinds of Teen Patti 20 20 road maps, each serving a specific purpose and providing valuable information for players.

different kinds of road maps

Bead Road

  • The first track may be found in the top left corner.
  • When a new line is needed, it will be added to the bottom of the list, and so on.
  • After receiving all required information, the form will be reloaded, and data will be collected again.

Big Road

  • Figures “Banker Win,” “Player Win,” “Tie,” “Lucky 6” , “Banker Pair,” “Player Pair”
  • New entries will be made at the bottom of the list, while the existing ones will continue to be made on the right.
  • A line break is needed if the hollow circle’s color shifts.
  • The “Tie” will always be shown before the “Pair Plus” in the event of a simultaneous appearance of both.
  • After receiving all required information, the form will be reloaded and data again.

Big Eye Boy

  • The “Big Road” Road Map identifies and expands the “Derived Road Map.”
  • You may find the first record on “Big Eye Road” in the upper left corner.
  • When the “Big Road” current round appears in the “first horizontal line.”
  • For this round, the “Big Road” records are for “the first and second vertical line from the left.”
  • A red hollow circle represents the “Big Eye Road” if the two are the same length.
  • The “Big Eye Road” will appear as a blue hollow circle if the two are significantly different in length.
  • “Big Road” current round is “above (and including) the second horizontal line” if and only if this condition is met.
  • Check the current round records of the “Big Road” for the phrase “one cell to the left, and one cell to the top” to see if there is any information there.

Small Road

  • The “Big Road” Road Map identifies and expands the “Derived Road Map.”
  • You’ll find the first track listing in the top left corner of “Small Road.”
  • Look at this round’s “Big Road” records and see how long “the first and third vertical lines from the left” are.
  • In this case, the “Small Road” would be represented by a single, solid red dot.
  • If their lengths differ, the “Small Road” will be represented by a single blue dot.

Cockroach Pig

  • Check out the new “Big Road” records for “the first and fourth vertical line from the left.”
  • A red slash indicates the “Cockroach Road” if the two are the same length.
  • A blue slash designating the “Cockroach Road” will be shown if the two are of different lengths.

Prediction Function

  • The next round’s “Player A” and “Player B” results can be simulated with this function.
  • This feature also helps players rapidly grasp the general pattern of the calculated routes.

Round Information

Keeps track of “number of rounds for this shoe,” “number of player wins,” “number of banker wins,” “number of ties,” “number of banker pairs,” “number of player pairs,” together with “number of 6 Card Bonus”.

Zoom Settings

  • Players who choose Manual Zoom must tap the screen to zoom in or out.
  • If you have Auto Zoom turned on, the Road Map will automatically zoom out when it’s time to reveal cards and zoom in when it’s time to place bets.


Teen Patti 20-20 by JILI is an online card game that combines skill, strategy, and chance, allowing players to compete in a digital environment.

To play, visit the King567, create an account, select the Teen Patti 20-20 game, and join a table. You’ll be dealt cards, and the game begins.

King567 employs advanced encryption to secure transactions and protect players’ personal and financial information.


In conclusion, new and experienced players may enjoy an exciting and intense gaming experience with Jili’s Teen Patti 20 20 in King567. Teen Patti fans will find paradise in Jili’s gaming environment, with its intuitive UI, variety of tables, engaging multiplayer mode, and rich bonuses.