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Teen Patti by JILI Games

The most common form of poker played in India is Teen Patti by Jili Games. You can win a bet based on your luck, ability, or guts. There is always a chance of winning, no matter what kind of card it is! You may win a thousand times the Jackpot if you play the Indian version of Fried Golden Flower, which only requires three cards.

teen patti

Overview of the Game

The goal of the online casino card game Teen Patti Jili, which is played with a conventional deck of 52 cards and three-card hands, is to have the greatest possible hand. The rating of each hand, which is used to choose the winner, may be broken down into several categories. The first step in the game is for players to place their wagers, and then the dealer will hand out three cards to each player. The game then moves on to the betting rounds, during which players can call, raise, or fold depending on how confident they are in the quality of their hand.

teen patti overview

The Rules and the Gameplay of Teen Patti

After putting their entrance money into the pot, each player receives three cards.

teen patti rules and gameplay

Call and Demand a Raise

  • A player has the option to take blind without a read, take call and raise, or take both. (You can take the blind fold test a maximum of four times in one game.) 
  • During the calling phase of the game, a player has the option to call, raise, or show.
  • After a player has reached the maximum call amount (128 multiplies the entrance fees), they are only able to accept a call and are unable to raise. If the total number of bets on the pot reaches 1024 multipliers, the player will be required to expose their cards.

Show Cards

  • A player can only display with their opponent on their left during the calling phase. If three or more players are participating in the same game, the opponent can decide whether or not to present.
  • For the blind player to participate in the show, there can be no more than two other participants in the game.
  • If a player loses in the show, the other players must keep the call or raise procedure going and fold after the hand.
  • If both players have identical hands during a show or sideshow, the player who requested the show or sideshow must fold their hand.

Teen Patti Bonus and Rewards

teen patti bonus and rewards
  • All players must reveal their hands when the total sums wagered on the pot exceed 1024 multipliers.
  • If the last player does not fold, the winner takes all, and there is no need to open.
  • After the opening, the judges’ hand rankings will determine the category winner.
  • Rewards Total Bet + (Loser’s Total Bet x 0.95)
  • When multiple players win: Prize/each winner = Total Bet + [(Loser’s Total Bet / Winners ) x 0.95]

Understanding the Hands of Teen Patti

In the card game Teen Patti, each hand consists of three cards. The first step in developing your skills as a player is to become familiar with the various combinations.

understanding teen patti hands

Trail or Set

A hand known as a trail or set consists of three cards of the same rank. (AAA is the most significant, and 222 is the least important)

Pure Sequence

A hand is said to be in pure sequence if it has three cards whose ranks are consecutive to one another. Uniformly dressed in the same suit. (AKQ is the most significant, and 432 is the least important)


A sequence is a type of hand that consists of three cards that are consecutive in rank but do not share the same suit. (AKQ is the most significant, and 432 is the least important)


A hand is said to be colored when all three cards have the same suit but do not need consecutive ranks. (The value AKJ is the most, and 532 is the least.)


A hand is considered a Pair if it consists of two cards of the same rank and one of a different rank. (AAK is the most significant, and 223 is the least.)

High Card

A hand that does not fit into the other categories is called a high card, often called no pair or simply nothing. (The value AKJ is the most, and 532 is the least.)


Yes, Teen Patti Jili’s straightforward rules make it ideal for beginners looking to enter the world of card games.

Bluffing adds an element of strategy and surprise to the game, allowing players to mislead opponents and secure victory with weaker hands.

Yes, there are regional variations of Teen Patti Jili, each with unique rules and nuances, adding diversity to the game.


Teen Patti by Jili emerges as a timeless classic in card games, bridging generations and cultures with its enthralling gameplay. Whether you’re a novice exploring the world of card games or a seasoned player seeking a new challenge, Teen Patti played in King567 casino promises an unforgettable journey filled with excitement and camaraderie.